Friday, April 6, 2012

Vathis Square in Athens night shot

Vathis Square in the center of Athens is a key road junction at the city entrance.
From this square start Acharnon Road and Liosion Road that lead to Lamia and Thessaloniki. Marnis Street is a continuation of Karolou Street which continues into the the national highway Athens - Corinth.

There is controversy about the origin of the name of Vathis Square.

-Some believe that it took its name from a man with a similar name.

-But in the late of 19th century, it was named as 'Vathia' as described by the writers of this era. 'Vathia' meant a dent, which gathered and stagnant waters of the stream Kyklovorou​​, coming down from the Polygono (now Marnis Street and its continuation, Karolou Street).

360 Degree Virtual Reality interactive panorama:
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Η Πλατεία Βάθης στην Αθήνα σφαιρικό πανόραμα 360 μοιρών - νυχτερινή λήψη.

Vathis Square - little planet view