Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Athens Polytechnic University Gate at the end of the “Regime Change” era

The gate of the Polytechnic University that was smashed by a tank invasion on 17 November 1973, during the uprising that led to the fall of the Junta and the beginning of the period called as “Regime Change” in Greece. Today more and more analysts are talking about the end of the “Regime Change” era. Center-left and center-right who for almost 40 years monopolized power, have put Greece in the darkest part of the tunnel of economic and social crisis and have condemned the people to poverty for decades. In the upcoming elections scheduled for May 2012, the parties of the coalition, are already operating under the pressure of electoral failure, while the fragmentation of the Left does not allow them to gain power. Nobody may know what will follow.

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Athens Polytechnic University Gate