Sunday, June 17, 2018

Greece: Violent protests against the deal with FYROM to be called "North Macedonia"

Protestors clash with Police outside the Greek parliament in Athens, on 16 June 2018, during the second day of protests against the agreement with FYROM to call itself “Northern Macedonia ". Greek police fired teargas and stun grenades at repelled groups of protesters who tried to enter the parliament complex. At least one protestor was injured. Protesters held the Greek flag, chanted the national anthem, and shouted slogans against the name change deal of Tsipras and Zaef.
Greece's leftist-led government was expected to shrug off a censure vote and protests as it prepares to sign a landmark preliminary deal to end a 27-year name row with Former Yugoslav Macedonia. Athens had long objected to its neighbor being called Macedonia because it has its own northern province of the same name, which in ancient times was the cradle of Alexander the Great's empire, a source of intense pride to modern-day Greeks.

Video: Greece: Clashes erupt against deal with FYROM to be called "N. Macedonia"

Α protester plays the anthem "Famous Macedonia" with a Cretan lyre in front of the Riot Police. Hundreds of demonstrators in Athens protest outside the Greek parliament on Friday 15 June, against the agreement with FYROM to call itself “Northern Macedonia".
Video: "Μακεδονία Ξακουστή" με κρητική λύρα μπροστά στα ΜΑΤ