Sunday, May 21, 2017

Fundamentalists in Greece protest over mosque and electronic ID

Greek Orthodox Christian extremists hold a rally on Sunday evening outside the Parliament in Athens, against "satanic" ID cards, bank cards, tax numbers "which have the sign of the Antichrist" as they say.
They also protest against the city's first official mosque that is about to be built by the Government.
"We are ready to loose our life against the mosque! Greece is a land of saints and heroes and there is no place for a mosque" a priest says.
 Athens Greece 21 May 2017.

Text in Greek language:
Στα Προπύλαια και έξω από την Βουλή διαδήλωσαν το βράδυ της Κυριακής φανατικοί ορθόδοξοι Χριστιανοί και ζηλωτές ιερωμένοι ενάντια στην κάρτα του πολίτη, αλλά και ενάντια στο Μουσουλμανικό Τέμενος της Αθήνας που κτίζεται.
"Θα δώσουμε και την ζωή μας για να μη γίνει Τζαμί" δηλώνουν χαρακτηριστικά, ενώ η ρητορική τους χαρακτηρίζεται από αντισημιτισμό και ισλαμοφοβία.
Αθήνα 21 Μάη 2017.

= Watch Full HD version of the video at Youtube link (opens in a new page): "Και την ζωή μας ενάντια στο τέμενος και τη κάρτα του πολίτη" διαδηλώνουν

Friday, May 19, 2017

Γιάνης Βαρουφάκης: Αυτή είναι η πολιτική πρόταση του DiEM25

Τις επτά τομές που χρειάζεται η χώρα για να μπει στον δρόμο της ανάκαμψης παρουσίασε την Παρασκευή το βράδυ ο συνιδρυτής του DiEM25 και πρώην υπουργός οικονομικών Γιάνης Βαρουφάκης στη πρώτη μεγάλη ανοιχτή συγκέντρωση του DiEM25 στην Αθήνα στο Γήπεδο Σπόρτιγκ. "Ναι, έχω κόλλημα με το χρέος όπως ένας αιχμάλωτος πολέμου με την απόδραση"τόνισε.  Όπως χαρακτηριστικά αναφερόταν στο κάλεσμα της εκδήλωσης: "Όσο εκείνοι ψηφίζουν τα μέτρα της δήθεν «αξιολόγησής» τους, εξαναγκάζοντας το Κοινοβούλιο σε έναν ακόμη αυτο-εξευτελισμό, εμείς, χωρίς θυμό αλλά με ανεξάντλητη αποφασιστικότητα, επαναφέρουμε την Ελπίδα, την Λογική και την Αξιοπρέπεια."
Αθήνα 19 Μάη 2017.

Video: Βαρουφάκης: Αυτή είναι η πολιτική πρόταση του DiEM25

Βασίλης  Βασιλικός "Χρωστάω στον Βαρουφάκη ότι μας ξανάδωσε την εθνική μας περηφάνια"
Κατά της διάρκεια της πρώτης συγκέντρωσης του κινήματος DiEM25 στην Αθήνα που έγινε την Παρασκευή το βράδυ στο Σπόρτιγκ.
Στην εκδήλωση αυτή , ο πρώην υπουργός Οικονομικών Γιάνης Βαρουφάκης, μεταξύ άλλων παρουσίασε τις επτά τομές που χρειάζεται η χώρα για να μπει στον δρόμο της ανάκαμψης.
Αθήνα 19 Μάη 2017.

Video: Βαρουφάκης: Αυτή είναι η πολιτική πρόταση του DiEM25

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Greece adopts more austerity measures amidst violent protests

Greek lawmakers have approved more pension cuts and tax hikes sought by international lenders to unlock another bailout, as angry demonstrators protested outside parliament against the new round of austerity.
 People took to the streets of Greece’s capital for two consecutive days.

Athens Greece 18 May 2017.
Protesters threw Molotov cocktails and other projectiles at the police outside the Greek parliament on Thursday, while the lawmakers were inside debating new austerity measures.
Police fired tear gas and pepper spray.
Hours ahead of a vote on a new memorandum that is expected to bring more austerity to crisis-stricken Greece, demonstrators clashed with police at the doorsteps of the parliament in Syntagma Square.
Greeks demand end to austerity reforms and people took to the streets of Greece’s capital for the second consecutive day to protest new pension and tax-break cut.
An estimated 10,000 to 15,000 people gathered in front of the parliament building in Athens' Syntagma Square.


 Watch the 4K resolution version of the video on:
- Youtube at the link (opens in a new page): Molotov cocktails at the Greek parliament as lawmakers vote new austerity -4K
- Vimeo click here

Athens, Greece 17 May 2017.
Clashes erupt between anti #austerity protesters and riot police outside Parliament on general strike day in #Greece. At the same time Greek lawmakers prepare to approve another austerity package as demanded by the country’s debtors.

 Athens, Greece, 17 May 2017.
Thousands protest new #austerity package during 24 hour nationwide general strike in #Greece on Wednesday. One day later on Thursday, lawmakers from the coalition SYRIZA-ANEL government, will vote in favor of the measures


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hundreds join Immortal Regiment march and V-Day celebrations in Greece

The "Immortal Regiment" march in commemoration of Soviet soldiers who died in combat during World War Two, took place in central Athens on Tuesday evening. Members of the Russian community in Greece along with immigrants from the former USSR countries marched in Syntagma square and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier holding portraits of relatives who took part in World War Two and lost their life fighting against Nazism and Fascism. The celebrations marking the 72nd anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany continued with a concert at the Zappeion Megaron Hall of Athens and ended with spectacular fireworks.
It is said that the daughter of Soviet hero, Meliton Kantaria, was among the people who marched to celebrate Russian Victory Day in Athens.
Athens, Greece, 9 May 2017.

Video: Hundreds join Immortal Regiment march and V-Day celebrations in Greece -4K

Text in Greek language:
Πορεία μνήμης για τη Μέρα της Αντιφασιστικής Νίκης: Εκατοντάδες Ρώσοι και πολίτες των πρώην σοβιετικών χωρων συγκεντρώθηκαν στην πλατεία Συντάγματος, και πραγματοποίησαν την πορεία της «Αθάνατης Στρατιάς», μία πορεία μνήμης και τιμής, με αφορμή την Μεγάλη Αντιφασιστική Νίκη. Η συγκέντρωση και η πορεία πραγματοποιήθηκε μετά από κάλεσμα της Ομοσπονδίας των συλλόγων μεταναστών από τις χώρες της πρώην ΕΣΣΔ, η οποία τονίζει σε ανακοίνωσή της: «72 χρόνια μετά, το τέρας του φασισμού σηκώνει κεφάλι. Οι νεοναζί σπέρνουν το μίσος και το ρατσισμό και δολοφονούν, από το Ντονμπάς μέχρι το Κερατσίνι. Όμως ο αγώνας της μνήμης ενάντια στη λήθη θα νικήσει, η Μέρα της Νίκης θα γιορταστεί επικαιροποιημένη στους σύγχρονους αγώνες ενάντια στο φασισμό».
Στο κάλεσμά της η Ομοσπονδία ζητούσε εκτός από τη συμμετοχή τους να φέρουν μαζί τους και τη φωτογραφία κάποιου συγγενικού προσώπου ή κάποιου επώνυμου που συμμετείχε στον αντιφασιστικό αγώνα 1940-1945. «Για να τιμήσουμε όσους πάλεψαν με το όπλο ή την προκήρυξη στο χέρι, στις διαδηλώσεις, στις απεργίες, τα σαμποτάζ, στα κρατητήρια ή μπροστά στα εκτελεστικά αποσπάσματα».
Αθήνα 9 Μάη 2017.

Video: Russian expats in Greece join 2017 Immortal Regiment march in Athens

On Sunday evening, that was two days before Victory Day, Russian expats in Greece joined another Immortal Regiment march in Syntagma square.
The mourners were carrying portraits of their relatives who fought in the war and banners of the 'Immortal Regiment'. Multiple flags were also seen in the march, including those of Russia and Greece.
Similar events are being held around the world, with thousands of people across the globe marching in commemoration of their loved ones who fought in World War Two.
Athens Greece 7 May 2017.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Greece: Cavalcade through Athens launches documenta14 exhibition

Greece: documenta14 exhibition launch event: The Athens - Kassel Ride : "The Transit of Hermes" conceived by Ross Birrell.
The documenta 14 art exhibition got off to an official start on Sunday with a unique event, as a cavalcade of horses and riders wound its way through Sunday crowds beneath the Acropolis, beginning a journey to Kassel, Germany.
The idea of the Athens–Kassel Ride was conceived by Scottish artist Ross Birrell and was inspired by the horseback ride that Swiss author Aimé Félix Tschiffely carried out in the 1920s from Buenos Aires to New York. Birrell describes his project as "Hermes' Transition" since the cavalcade includes a Greek thoroughbred 'Aravani' horse from the mountains of Arcadia named Hermes.
Talking about the significance of the horseback journey through Europe, documenta14 artistic director Adam Szymczyk said it was a "line we are drawing that links many European countries."
"We were aware from the start of the complexity and cost of the journey but it is a long and beautiful journey. First of all for the riders and the people in the cities that will experience it and secondly as an allegoric journey through unknown places that strengthens the relationship between horse and human, a two-way relationship of taming and culture that is forgotten. Whatever happens is part of the journey," he said.
This year, for the first time, the exhibition will be "shared" between Athens and Kassel, taking place in the Greek capital between April 8 and July 16 and in Kassel from June 10 until September 17.
Athens Greece 9 April 2017.

Video: Greece: Cavalcade through Athens launches documenta14 exhibition -4K

Έφιππη πομπή από την Αθήνα στο Κάσσελ.
Η πομπή των αλόγων με τους αναβάτες τους σήμερα στον πεζόδρομο της Διονυσίου Αρεοπαγίτου σηματοδότησε την έναρξη των εκδηλώσεων της documenta 14.
Ποιά η σημασία ενός έφιππου ταξιδιού στα ίχνη της παλιάς «διαδρομή των περιηγητών» ανά την Ελλάδα, την πρώην Γιουγκοσλαβική Δημοκρατία της Μακεδονίας, Σερβία, Κροατία, Σλοβενία, Αυστρία, Γερμανία;
«Είναι μια γραμμή που τραβάμε και συνδέει πολλές ευρωπαϊκές χώρες. Γνωρίζαμε εξ αρχής την πολυπλοκότητα και το κόστος του ταξιδιού αλλά πρόκειται για ένα μακρύ και ωραίο ταξίδι. Κατ' αρχήν για τους αναβάτες και τους ανθρώπους των πόλεων που θα το βιώσουν και δευτερευόντως μια αλληγορική πορεία σε άγνωστους τόπους που ενδυναμώνει τη σχέση του αλόγου με τον άνθρωπο, μια σχέση αμφίδρομης εξημέρωσης και πολιτισμού ξεχασμένη. Ό,τι προκύψει θα είναι μέρος του ταξιδιού» χαιρέτησε ο Άνταμ Σίμτσικ καλλιτεχνικός διευθυντής της documenta 14, κηρύσσοντας την έναρξη των εκδηλώσεων.
Αθήνα, 9 Απριλίου 2017.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Antifa protest against Golden Dawn blocked by police

=Massive antifa protest march in Greece demanding the closure of the Golden Dawn headquarters, due to attack on student.=
A massive antifascist protest march took place in Athens on Saturday. Hundreds of demonstrators demanded the closure of the far right party "Golden Dawn" headquarters. The demonstrators were blocked by police before reaching the area of the far right party offices.

During last week, a 42-year-old member of Golden Dawn has been taken to the prosecutor on charges of aggravated assault after beating a 24-year-old student named Alexis Lazaris.  The suspect, who works in the GD office and has worked in the past in the parliamentary office of GD leader Nikos Michaloliakos, was identified by eye-witnesses.
The student  was heavily beaten and seriously injured just hours after unknown assailants attacked a branch of the party in Athens last week. Media speak of retaliation attack.

The parents of the student Alexis Lazaris took part at the demonstration today.
Athens Greece, 8 April 2017.


- Watch the 4K resolution version of the video on Youtube at the link (opens a new page): Greece: Antifa protest against Golden Dawn blocked by police -4K

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Greek farmers armed with shepherd’s crooks fight police over tax hikes

Greek farmers armed with shepherd's crooks and stones fought riot police in a violent protest against tax hikes outside the Ministry of Agriculture in Athens.
More than 1,000 farmers, many of whom had traveled overnight from the island of Crete took part in the protest while police used tear gas and stun grenades and arrested at least three people.
As protesters are angry at increases in their tax and social security contributions, a number of farmers smashed windows of two police buses and burned a flag of the ruling party SYRIZA.
Athens, Greece, 08 March 2017.


- Watch the 4K resolution version of the video on Youtube at the link (opens a new page): Greek farmers fight police in Athens over tax hikes -4K

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Le printemps

Springtime flowering almond trees shot in the center of Athens, Greece.
1 March 2017.

4K Video: Le printemps


Le printemps à Athènes

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Greece: Welcome rally for the reception of refugee elementary students

Parents, students and local authorities warmly welcomed 27 refugee children at the 15th Public Elementary School of Nikaia, Athens suburb in Greece .
The children went to the school as part of the new Host Structures for the Refugee Education school program, under the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs.
Piraeus, Greece 31 January 2017.


- Watch the 4K resolution version of the video on Youtube at the link (opens a new page): Greece: Welcome rally for the reception of refugee elementary students

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Greece: Demonstration in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington

Hundreds of women took part in the Women's March in front of the US Embassy in Athens, raised placards and shouted slogans against Donald Trump and against policies of bigotry, xenophobia, racism and hate.
Protest rallies were held in over 30 countries around the world in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington in defense of press freedom, women's and human rights following the official inauguration of Donald J. Trump as the 45th President of the United States of America in Washington, DC, USA.
Athens, Greece, 21 January 2017.

Video: Greece: Demo in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington